Classes and Workshops

Classes and Workshops


Jan-Feb. 2014

Private Workshop


I am teaching a private workshop in oil portraiture at Bearcat Tattoo Gallery in San Diego. This class is not open to the public. But I am available to teach classes and workshops for individuals and groups, covering a range of subjects. Inquire for availability. See more here.



April 12-June 14, 2012

Watts Atelier of the Arts

Encinitas, CA


Beginning April 12, 2012, I will teach "Drawing Facial Features and Expressions" at the Watts Atelier on Thursdays from 7:00pm to 10:00pm. The class will focus on understanding, memorizing and correctly drawing the individual features of the face, for the first half of the semester, and then the second half will focus on the anatomy of the facial muscles and how they work to create the expression of emotions. This class is a must for anyone who would like to improve their portrait painting and infuse more personality and emotion into their subjects.


The class will run for ten weeks and costs $385. As always, registration for classes at the Watts Atelier is open to anyone. There are no portfolio reviews or other registration requirements. Read more info and register for the class here.